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VMA Twitter Tracker
大分前のものだが2009年のMTV Video Music AwardのTwitterでのつぶやきを視覚化したMTVのコンテンツ。テレビ放送した19時から23時30分までの間、30秒間隔で出演者やノミネートされたミュージシャンなどに対するつぶやきを集計し写真を使いうまく視覚化している。写真が大きいほどツィートが多いことを表しており、タイムラインの動きにあわして変化がわかる仕組みになっている。





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  1. Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qusn.ioest..until now.

    Comment by Eve — 2016/10/24 Monday @ 15:54:40
  2. oh my god, that’s exactly what I think the tearful dishwasher looks like in real life, except without all the hair… or maybe it’s just that he has what I suspect to be the familial glint in the eyes….what a doll! Priceless You must be the proudest Gma ever!Liv

    Comment by — 2016/11/14 Monday @ 10:00:26
  3. The YOUTUBE team is extremely biased and LEFT WING borderline COMMUNIST. The 'featured videos' are always about showing Democrats in a positive light, global warming (which is a LIE), and of course the plight of the whiny POOR. I suppose the failed and much laughed at (and staged) 'debate' with the Democrat candidates a few months ago should have been a tip off.

    Comment by http://www./ — 2016/12/15 Thursday @ 12:55:04
  4. [..YouTube..] Thay are all pretty sad.But Demi’s is probably the saddest cause she’s abused by an alcoholic and has to make up excuse bout the scars. And then she finally finds a friend that understands her but then she’s killed.but they were all still sad but i stilled loved it like always(:

    Comment by http://www./ — 2017/3/1 Wednesday @ 17:23:00

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